The Kenny/Naughton Society

Established in 1993 and restructured in 2001 the Society exists for the amusement of Aghamore thespians and literary types who have a special interest in the works of two famous writers with Aghamore links - P. D. Kenny and Bill Naughton.

Society members go on regular outings and meet monthly with the view to planning for the annual Kenny/Naughton Autumn School, a literary gathering which honours the memory of Kenny and Naughton.

Patrick Dermot Kenny (1862 - 1944)

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Journalist, author and farmer P. D. Kenny wrote under the pseudonym "Pat"; an interesting and enigmatic figure he became involved frequently in political and ecclesiastical controversies and in various court cases. He certainly was unpopular among many segments of Irish society.

Author and playwright Bill Naughton is best know for the classic novel and movie Alfie but he also penned many popular plays and short stories. He worked as a lorry driver, weaver and coal-bagger before achieving literary success; he was awarded several literary prizes and is now on the curriculum in British Schools.

The Kenny/Naughton Society fosters friendship, discussion and debate among its members and encourages member participation in a whole range of activities. It also serves to focus energies and channel ideas for the betterment of the Kenny/Naughton Autumn School, which has a separate agenda entirely.

The Kenny/Naughton Autumn School.

Bill Naughton's widow, Mrs Erna Naughton, Bill Naughton's widow, was a most generous patron for many years; Joe Byrne acted as committee chairman until 1997 and the current chariman is Paul W.D. Rogers.

The Kenny/Naughton Autumn School

Activities of the Kenny/Naughton Society:

The Society has links other literary and historical groups. In particular, the activities of the Strokestown International Poetry Festival are supported.



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